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[전공] Introduction to Biological physics


강좌 소개

Explore the essentials of Biological Physics with a focus on polymers, molecular motors, and key experimental tools like fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, force spectroscopy, and scattering-based techniques. Understand their roles, mechanisms, and applications in biological systems.

강좌 목차

* Each video comprehensively addresses all the subtopics relevant to its respective section.

1Fluorescence Correlation SpectroscopyBasic Setup of FCS
Autocorrelation function
2Scattering Based TechniquesDynamic Light Scattering
Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
Interferometric Scattering Microscopy
Molecular MotorsTranslational Motors
Rotational Motors
4Biological PolymersTypes of Biological Polymers
Structural Functions of Biological Polymers
5Force SpectroscopyAtomic Force Spectroscopy
Optical Tweezer
Magnetic Tweezer
6InteractionsNoncovalent Interaction/Hydrophobic Interaction
Surface Plasmon Resonance


이채린 Chaelin Lee-Eom

포항공과대학교 물리학과 

(Pohang University of Science and Technology; Dept. of Physics.)